SBIR/STTR Topic Archive

Below is an archived list of SBIR and STTR announcements that Lincoln Laboratory had previously identified as topics of interest:

Department of Defense
Missile Defense Agency (MDA) 23.B Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) - Missile Defense Agency
Method of Developing Helicopter Source Noise Models using Parameter Identification Techniques - Army
Autonomous Flight Termination Analysis and Real Time Subsequent Debris Impacts - Army
Wearable medical device to diagnose in-theater opioid intoxication of the warfighter - Army
Miniaturized, on-body delivery system of medical countermeasures for military operations - Army
Situational Awareness Sensors for Airdrop Operations - Army
Field Command Post Free Space Optical Communications (FSOC) Mesh Network - Army
Vision Enhancement for the Dismounted Warrior - Army
Biomimetic Human - Exoskeleton Interface - Army
Small robot assured communications in complex RF environments - Army
Futures Emergency Management through Artificial Intelligence - Army
Computational Models and Wearable Sensors for Real-Time Assessments of Soldiers' Performance in Complex Tasks - Army
Machine Learning Dataset Auto Generator (ML-DAG) - Army
Machine Learning for Radio Frequency (RF) Signatures Detection and Classification System - Army
Improved Scene Understanding through Semantic Reasoning and Online Learning - Army
Smartphone Clustering and Data-Partitioning/Recombination Processing Framework - Army
Automated Cyber Opposition Forces - Army
Manned-Unmanned Teaming - Air Force
Machine Learning for Defense Applications - Air Force
Medical Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Triage - Air Force
Personal display that eliminates visual eavesdropping - Air Force
Characterization of Broadcast and Social Media for Indications and Warnings - Air Force
Wide Area Monitoring and Alerting: Visualization for Real Time ISR Sensemaking and Situational Awareness - Air Force
Secure Cockpit-to-Ground Wireless Data Transfer - Air Force
A semi-autonomous field survey device - Air Force
Manually-Actuated Laser Intersite Communications Equipment (MALICE) - Air Force
Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Radio Development for Small Satellites - Air Force
Enabling Peel-and-Stick Conformal Antennas for SUAS - Air Force
Standalone Non-Invasive Sensing of Cyber Intrusions in FADEC for Critical Aircraft System Protection - Air Force
Development of a real-time biomarker sensor for the assessment of high threat events during Battlefield Airmen training and operations - Air Force
Commerical Solutions for Innovative Space Data Analytics - Air Force
Pitch Day in Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, and Network (C3I&N) - Air Force
Spacecraft Fault Detection Identification & Causation Using Machine Learning - Air Force
Maintaining Human-Machine Shared Awareness in Distributed Operations with Degraded Communications - Air Force
Virtual Reality for Multi-INT Deep Learning (VR-MDL) - Air Force
Machine Learning Methods to Catalog Sources from Diverse, Widely Distributed Sensors - Air Force
Guided Automation of Molecular Beam Epitaxy for Swift Training to Optimize Performance (GAMESTOP) of New Materials - Air Force
Intelligent Patient Simulation Platform - DHA
Adaptive Technology to Optimize Rehabilitation of Lower Extremity Musculoskeletal Injuries throughout Recovery - DHA
Commercial SAR and Scatterometry (COSAS) - Department of Defense
Thermal Shock Tolerant Aperture - Department of Defense
Revolutionary Data Presentation and Manipulation - MDA
Novel Approaches for Eliminating Bias Drift in Infrared Focal Plane Arrays - MDA
Data Analytics Tools for the Automated Logistics Environment (ALE) - Navy
Automatic Threat Radar Waveform Recognition - Navy
Automated Event Logging for Improved Electronic Warfare Operations - Navy
Target Identification Interrogation Data Stream Analytics System - Navy
Artificial Intelligence Real-Time Track Modeling and Simulation for Combat Systems - Navy
Automated Multi-System Course of Action Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence - Navy
Big Data Tools for High-speed Threat Detection and Classification - Navy